Outdoor Adventure Seasonal Recruitment Articles

Working so closely with UK activity centres, ski tour operators, We frequently hear about interesting subjects or exciting new developments within the outdoor industry that we want to share with you. In the following articles, we share our thoughts and speak to a wide range of industry professionals about how to get ahead in the world of outdoor adventure education.

winter trends

Ski Season Winter Trends

Posted in: Ski & Snow

EA Ski and Snowboard share with us a some great news for seasonaires. Surely the perfect time to take a ski instructor course and work a season in the mountains!

Winter Trends >>

girlguide instructors

Girl Guiding Instructors

Posted in: Adventure

The Girl Guides recruit a mixture of experienced and non-experienced staff and have a full training programme so a lack of skills is not a problem for someone who is trying to get into the outdoor industry.

Girl Guiding >>

longridge canoe

Longridge Interview

Posted in: Adventure

We had a nice chat with Leah Barnes at Longridge about their plans for the coming year, and about what makes Longridge a popular outdoor activity centre.

Longridge Interview >>

sail instructor

Sailing Course

Posted in: Adventure

Jo Buss at Sail Laser tells us about training as a sailing instructor on the beautiful Lake Garda in Italy. Their RYA courses offer worldwide work opportunities in a location that all but guarantees perfect conditions for your course tuition. Find out more about this excellent courses.

Sailing Instructor Course >>

first time gap

First Time Gap Year

Posted in: Gap Year

Working abroad is also a great way to meet new people and mingle with fellow travellers as well as with the locals. Gaining work experience abroad looks great on your CV and shows prospective employers or universities that you are adaptable and have the confidence to travel and work in another country.

First Time Gap Year >>

contiki trip

Asian Adventure

Posted in: Gap Year

During my Asian Adventure I was able to discover Thailand, Laos and Cambodia through experiencing exciting excursions, visiting historical heritage sites, and exploring the entertaining nightlife! Booking with a specialist tour opertator provides the perfect combination of an excellent itinerary, free time, and of course the chance to travel with great people!

Asian Adventure >>


Volunteer Projects Jamaica

Posted in: Gap Year

If you are inspired to make a difference while you travel then consider journeying to the sunny island of Jamaica to rebuild homes for those affected by hurricanes.

Volunteer Projects >>

canoe training

Intensive Instructor Training Courses

Posted in: Adventure

This month, Sam Waites at Mount Batten tells us all about Intensive Instructor Training Courses. If you have not come across these before, they are an excellent way to fast track a career in outdoor adventure. The Mount Batten Course takes place along the stunning South Devon coastline and equips you to teach Dinghy Sailing, Powerboating, Canoeing, Kayaking on white water rivers and sea, Stand up Paddleboarding, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking and more!

Intensive Instructor Courses >>


Conservation Interview with Projects Abroad

Posted in: Gap Year

Jemma Dicks tells us that Projects Abroad launched their Shark Conservation project in Fiji at the beginning of the year and they are pleased to say it has been a huge success. She also talks about her favourite conservation projects.

Conservation Interview >>

usa summer camp

My American Summer Camp Adventure

Posted in: Gap Year

The first thing you need to do once you have decided that you want to spend your summer at an American Summer Camp, supervising children on fun-filled activities, is to chose the agency that will help you find that dream job.

My American Summer Camp Adventure >>


Gap Interview: Paid Working Holidays

Posted in: Gap Year

Jon Arnold is Operations Manager at Oyster Worldwide, the Gap Year and Responsible Travel Specialists who offer both paid and volunteer gap year adventures. We caught up with Jon, and asked him a few questions about how to get the most out of a paid work project.

Gap Interview: Paid Working Holidays >>

nepal temple

A Gap Year in Nepal

Posted in: Gap Year

A first hand account of a gap year adventure with Real Gap Experience. Discover the thoughts and experiences of a first time traveller as they live with a Nepali family and teach children in a local school.

A Nepalese Gap Year >>

chalet couple

Ski chalet couple interview

Posted in: Ski & Snow

Deb Flight from Chalet Cateriane in the Portes du Soleil ski area talks to us about ski season recruitment for chalet couples. Find out more about the job role as well as the type of people they are looking to hire for the fast approaching season.

Chalet Couple Interview >>

austria ski jobs

Ski work Austria

Posted in: Ski & Snow

This month, we take a closer look at Austria, to find out why is it such a great destination for winter adventure jobs, the types of resorts you can work in, plus the types of jobs available this coming season.

Austrian Ski Resort Jobs >>

plas menai watersports

Watersport Course

Posted in: Adventure

Jane Parry at Plas Menai tells us all about their 16 week trainee watersport instructor course. One student said, "It was amazing getting job offers from all over the world. It really put me ahead of other applicants having these qualifications"

Watersport Instructor Course >>

ski chef food

Chalet chef job advice

Posted in: Ski & Snow

Verity Clay from Supertravel shares interview tips and her best advice for securing a ski chef job. She tells us what the job is like, and makes us hungry for Austrian mountain cuisine by describing her favourite meal on the slopes.

Chalet chef job advice >>

gap year students

Interview with Gap360

Posted in: Gap Year

Vicky Lessen from Gap360 shares her knowledge and expertise to give us some great gap year travel advice, including five items you should not leave home without!

Interview with Gap360 >>

fresh ingredients

Job Profile: Chalet Chef

Posted in: Ski & Snow

Working as a chef in a ski resort can be quite a different experience to what you may be used to in a traditional kitchen. To find out more about this job role, and get some tips on how to make your application stand out for the crowd, take a look at the following article.

Chalet Chef Profile >>

ski lift

Job Profile: Chalet Couple

Posted in: Ski & Snow

If you like the idea of working in a ski resort, but you don't want to leave your significant other behind, taking a job as a chalet couple could be the perfect solution for both of you. Take an in-depth look at how the job works and the type of people it would suit.

Chalet Couple Profile >>

ski chalet

Job Profile: Life as a Ski Chalet Host

Posted in: Ski & Snow

Being our most popular job, we decided it was high time to take a closer look at the role of the chalet host. What is life like as a one person hero, single handedly making other people's skiing holidays brilliant?

Chalet Host Profile >>

tefl classroom

TEFL Interview with LoveTEFL's Gordon Mathie

Posted in: Gap Year

Teaching English overseas is a great way to spend a gap year. Even if you are fresh out of college and have no experience, your ability to speak English is a great asset that you can use to work your way around the world. Gordon Mathie from LoveTEFL tells us how.

TEFL interview >>

france ski jobs

Ski Resort Work in France

Posted in: Ski & Snow

We take a closer look at France, assess what makes it so popular as a destination for winter adventure jobs, the types of resorts you can work in, plus the types of jobs available this coming season.

Ski jobs in France >>

national watersports month

National Watersports Month

Posted in: Adventure

Continuing our celebration of National Watersports Month, we spoke to a few industry experts to get a feel for what is taking place thoughout May, and how you can turn a passion for watersports into a career as an instructor.

National Watersports Month >>


Watersports Interview with UKSA's Ben Willows

Posted in: Adventure

To celebrate May as National Watersports Month, JAC spoke to UKSA's Director of Operations, Ben Willows, about how the company is offering taster sessions and helping to promote interest in the variety of water based activities you can get involved in.

Watersports Month Interview >>

ski seasons

The seasonality of ski resort employment

Posted in: Ski & Snow

Join us on a review of a typical year and find out how we recruit people to work a ski season. We talk about the early birds, the mid season masses and the late arrivals. A real insight into how to get hired to work a season on the snow.

Ski Season Employment >>

watersport dinghy

Tips for Watersports Instructors

Posted in: Adventure

Find out how to get started in watersports instructing with our tips and advice on building a career teaching dinghy sailing, yachting, personal watercraft, windsurfing and surfing. Information about training, gaining teaching experience and job variety.

Watersports Instructors >>


NNAS Navigation

Posted in: Adventure

Being able to confidently navigate from point A to point B is a fundamental skill for any outdoor adventure enthusiast. The long running NNAS award scheme is a great skills based course, designed to add to your enjoyment of the outdoors by teaching you great map reading skills and route planning.

NNAS Award >>


Bushcraft Instructors

Posted in: Adventure

Like any occupation, working in the outdoor industry you notice trends over time. The current trend that we are seeing, is the rapid rise in popularity of bushcraft, campcraft and survival skills courses. We discuss why it is a great time to get involved and put your knowledge and training to use as a bushcraft activity instructor.

Bushcraft Instructors >>

candidate cv

Candidate Shortlist

Posted in: Adventure

Oh Hi JAC! We need someone with BCU UKCC Level 2 for the summer with the chance to be permanent from Spring next year. Can you help please? No problem, let me just give you access to our Candidate Shortlist then you just pop in your requirements to get a list of relevant people.

Join the Candidate Shortlist >>

ski resort courses

Ski Resort Training Courses

Posted in: Ski & Snow

The difficult way to get a ski resort job is to fill in hundreds of job applications hoping that your lack of experience will somehow be overlooked. It won't. Give yourself a realistic change of a seasonaire job with our guide to ski resort taining courses.

Ski resort training courses >>

walking group leader

Leadership Courses for Group Walking

Posted in: Adventure

If you wish to lead groups of people on walking expeditions in lowland or moorland areas then you'd be advised to gain a recognised qualification. We look at the market leading course from Mountain Training, plus a few others that may be suitable.

Walking Group Leaders >>

canyoning instructor

Become a Canyoning Guide

Posted in: Adventure

These new qualifications from UK Canyon Guides look challenging but will give you the ropework, climbing and water safety skills required to take groups on guided gorge walks and ghyll scrambles. This activity is growing fast so getting the qualification now could see your career take off.

Canyoning guide qualification >>

climb coach award

Climbing Coach Award Scheme

Posted in: Adventure

The new climbing coach award from Mountain Leader Training UK is proving popular with new and experienced climbers. If climbing is your sport, find out what the award means for you and why you should consider getting involved.

Climbing coaching pathway >>

ski season guide

A Guide to working at a ski resort

Posted in: Ski & Snow

Plenty of people each year combine their catering or hospitality skills with a desire to spend their winter working in a ski resort. But assuming you aren't already a ski bum, what should you look out for to make sure you enjoy your season and avoid the types of disasters that could bring your season to a premature end?

Ski Season Workers >>

coast sea rocks

A Guide to Coasteering & becoming a Coasteering Guide

Posted in: Adventure

The activity known as coasteering falls under the AALA classification of one of a group of activities that takes place on rock and water. This relatively new sport has been gaining popularity and now attracts enough people to allow people to train as coasteering guides. We find out more.

Coasteering Guide >>

whitewater raft guide

Training, and Working as a White Water Raft Guide

Posted in: Adventure

White water rafting is a hugely enjoyable and popular activity. As a raft guide, you need to know how to maintain the boat, read the river, and make sure your clients are safe. In this article, we look at how to get qualified, and what job opportunities exist.

White Water Raft Guides >>

adventure courses

Skills and Instructor Training Courses

Posted in: Adventure

If you want to start teaching outdoor adventure activities, you need to get qualified, usually by taking National Governing Body instructor training courses. This is our ongoing guide to training courses organised by sport or adventure activity.

Adventure Courses & Qualifications >>

bcu qualifications

Basic qualifications to start outdoor instructing

Posted in: Adventure

If you want to be a canoe guru you collect BCU awards. Aspiring Mountain Guides should follow the BMC's Mountain Training courses. But what if you are just getting started and want a more generic qualification before you start to specialise?

Basic qualifications >>

brazil flag

5 Coolest Destinations this year

Posted in: Gap Year

If you would like to know more about the coolest gap year destinations to head for, JAC shares his tips and knowledge in the following article.

5 Coolest Destinations >>

world globe

10 Best Countries to Explore

Posted in: Gap Year

Other people's experiences can provide useful ideas and insights, especially if you don't have a clear idea of where you would like to travel to. JAC share's some of his favourite gap year locations.

10 Best Countries >>

ski industry

Guide to ski industry jobs

Posted in: Ski

This little guide will help explain exactly what people mean when they talk about the ski industry and look at the roles and people who spend the winter months working in a ski resort.

Ski Resort Work >>

adventure formula

The Ultimate Adventure Job: Formula

Posted in: Adventure

As with all jobs, getting the right balance in all aspects of your work life will result in a rewarding and enjoyable career. We take a look at what you need to achieve the ultiamte adventure job.

Ultimate Adventure Job >>

money salary

How much money can you earn in outdoor adventure?

Posted in: Adventure

In any career it pays to know how much you could potentially earn, and the outdoor adventure industry is no different. Find out how to get the best return when investing your time in becoming an outdoor instructor.

Adventure salaries >>

skiers and ski instructors

Beginner's guide to snowsport instructing

Posted in: Ski & Snow

Perhaps you are about to finish university and fancy spending winter in the mountains. If you can ski or snowboard you could pay your way by teaching other people how to slide down the slopes. This guide takes a look at the ins and outs of getting qualified as a snowsports instructor.

Ski resort instructors >>

seasonaire work

10 Ways to become a Seasonaire

Posted in: Ski & Snow

Seasonaires are the people who get to live in resort while snow is on the ground, leaving us mortals dreaming of our next visit to the fluffy stuff. Check out our guide to living the dream, including comparisons of which type of work gives you the most cash in your pocket and time on the slopes.

Seasonaire guide >>

africa volunteer

The changing face of volunteering abroad

Posted in: Gap Year

Gone are the days of signing up to a single volunteer project for a set amount of time, travellers now want to spend a month here and a month there, perhaps working on several projects in several different countries to really make the most of their gap year. We take a look at the wide range of opportunities currently available.

Ways to volunteer >>

mountaineering instructor

Choosing national coaching qualifications

Posted in: Adventure

Qualifications count towards a successful career in outdoor adventure, but with so many on offer, how do you decide which courses to spend your time and money achieving? Let's take a look at how national governing bodies look after the coaches and instructors for each sport.

Instructor qualifications >>

job application success

Common errors when applying for instructor jobs

Posted in: Adventure

Instructor roles receive a lot of applicants yet getting through to the interview or selection stage can be easier than the odds would first suggest because plenty of people make quite simple but costly mistakes when submitting their applications. Find out how to avoid these errors and how to get your application taken seriously.

Job application errors >>

ski chalet work

Five ways to work for a ski chalet company

Posted in: Ski & Snow

If you are planning to apply to work in a ski chalet this winter, make sure you pick the type of work that plays to your strengths. In this article we explain the different roles available including important information like how much time off each one will give you!

Ski chalet work >>

caribbean working holiday

Popular 'gap' destinations around the world

Posted in: Gap Year

To keep the market buoyant during the economic instability, new corners of the planet are becoming increasingly popular in the online brochures of working holiday companies, with a myriad new and exciting destinations springing up to tempt the would be gap traveller. In the modern age, where do people go on a gap year?

Working holiday destinations >>

trekking and backpacking

How taking a year out became the norm

Posted in: Gap Year

These days we are all familiar with the concept of putting our life on hold, heading off and seeing the world before we put down roots. But where did it all start? Who were the original 'gappers'? When did it become fashionable for young people to see the world between different forms of education or between leaving the classroom and starting the world of work?

Year out history >>