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Build sustainable change in Jamaica with Projects Abroad

Tuesday 11th November 2014

If you're inspired to make a difference while you travel then consider journeying to the sunny island of Jamaica to rebuild homes for those affected by hurricanes. You can also get involved in the Jamaica Latrine Programme which involves building proper toilet facilities to replace the unsafe, unsanitary pit latrines in 40 primary schools in the Manchester area.

Jamaica is located on the hurricane belt, which means that it is prone to natural disasters such as Hurricane Gustav in 2008.

The Community Building Project benefits the local people by providing shelter, meeting points and improved sanitation infrastructure. While you're there, the impact that you're making will be evident, both in the foundations you're constructing and the warm smiles from the Jamaican people around you. You'll work with an experienced builder or with our partners, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA).

You'll gain valuable building experience and skills from the work you'll be doing, which will include minor roof repairs, window installations, the mixing of mortar, block laying and working with cement, sand and stones.

Your work will also heighten awareness and preventative measures to lessen the impact of hurricanes on the local people. Your involvement in the latrine project will also be rewarding; you'll help to provide schools with improved facilities and clean running water. This will dramatically improve the children's hygiene, which could, in turn, prevent unnecessary diseases.

While you're in Jamaica you'll have plenty of opportunity to explore the vibrancy and warmth of the country, which is rich in both culture and charm. Delight in meaningful travel and take every adventure available to you. While building better lives for others, you'll also be improving your own.

To find out how to get involved please visit: Building in Jamaica

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