Gap Year Adventures Worldwide

A year of travelling around the world, or a two month project in one small town, however you would like to enjoy your time overseas, you will find plenty of inspirational gap year ideas here on OutdoorJAC.

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teaching abroad icon Teaching

Get teaching exprience helping with sports coaching, looking after young children at an American summer camp, or teach English abroad.

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caring projects icon Caring

Caring projects give your time to help look after people and animals. Work as an au pair or nanny, gain some valuable medical experience, or help animals.

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conservation icon Conservation

The modern world is changing, and many ecosystems are struggling to adapt to the pressures placed upon them. Volunteer and help.

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Traditional seasonal gap travel through South East Asia and Australia is still popular, but the there are plenty more adventurous options too.

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Teaching Jobs Abroad
Teaching Jobs Abroad

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renumeration icon Paid - approximately £800/$1000 a month on the Teach and Earn programme. A subsistence of approx. £250 is paid to you each month.

The demand for English teachers around the world is astronomical, take China, where there are 350 million students learning the language at any given time. Whether on a gap year or a graduate, we have the course for you. Choose either to join our Teach and Earn programme or our China TEFL programme...
Posted by: Oyster Worldwide
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Volunteer Abroad Programs in Latin America
Volunteer Abroad Programs in Latin America

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renumeration icon Volunteer project

Maximo Nivel’s volunteer programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru provide unique opportunities to live and work in Latin America, while giving back to the global community and immersing yourself in the local culture....
Posted by: Maximo Nivel
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Dolphin Conservation in Zanzibar
Dolphin Conservation in Zanzibar

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renumeration icon Volunteer Project

Help us protect Zanzibar's wild dolphin population by researching the impact that tourism is having on these amazing animals. You will get up-close encounters while learning how to swim ethically with dolphins, all the while contributing to marine conservation on this stunning tropical island....
Posted by: African Impact
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Begin Your Gap Year With a Culinary Adventure
Begin Your Gap Year With a Culinary Adventure

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renumeration icon Training Course

Want to spend you winters on the slopes, your summers on a yacht and be in demand anywhere your adventures may take you? Our intensive PROFESSIONAL 3 MONTH CERTIFICATE COOKERY COURSE takes the fear out of cooking, boosts your confidence in the kitchen and gives you employable skills wherever you go....
Posted by: Dublin Cookery School
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5 Coolest Destinations

Posted in: Gap Year

With so many choices, how do you know which countries and destinations are going to provice the best gap year experience for your money? Get gap year ideas and find out the best places on Earth to Gap Year.

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10 Best Countries to Explore

Posted in: Gap Year

From Australia to South Africa and plenty more places inbetween, this is our guide for gap year explorers looking for the best coutries for thier gap year.

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The changing face of volunteering abroad

Posted in: Gap Year

Travellers want to spend a month here and a month there, perhaps working on several projects in several different countries to really make the most of their gap year. We take a look at the wide range of opportunities currently available.

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How taking a year out became the norm

Posted in: Gap Year

These days we are all familiar with the concept of putting our life on hold, heading off and seeing the world before we put down roots. But where did it all start? Who were the original 'gappers'?

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Paid Working Holiday Ideas

Earn some money while you travel the world

Once the idea takes hold, choosing to take a year out or gap year, usually before or after university, has long been an easy decision for many young people. Once you buy a house, or get married and have children, it become more difficult to just take off and explore. But the rising cost of, well, everything, not least tuition fees, has put unprecedented demand upon the type of working holiday that pays you for your time.

Obviously, restricting yourself to this type of 'gap' will limit the courses available to you, but we offer plenty of ideas for you to explore, and if the trip has to pay for itself, you may have no other choice. The main advantage is that money will be hitting your bank on a regular basis, and the main disadvantage - the trip will seem less of a holiday, more real work.

Volunteer Projects

Inspirational gap years helping people and places less fortunate

The idea of Volunteering has inspired countless people to involve themselves with projects traditionally thought of as 'someone else's problem'. And volunteering has long been the most popular way to get out and see more of the world. There are millions of people on every continent who either need direct help with food, shelter and medicine, or who require assistance with community projects that will enrich the lives of local populations. There is also the chance to help with ecological projects; protecting wildlife from poachers, or marine life from pollution. Working with local people allows you to see different cultures first hand, and will give you a better understanding of the wider world.

These volunteer projects are offered by companies who are experts in their field. Many of them have been established for decades, and either have local guides and helpers who will assist you during your experience, or else they are actually live and work in the place you will visit.