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10 Ways to become a Seasonaire

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Working in resort and becoming one of the seasonaires who spend their whole winter enjoying what most of us only get chance to experience for a week or two if we are lucky, is a popular goal for many snow-deprived youngsters in the UK. A quick look through the range of jobs and courses available will soon tell you that there is more than one way to achieve this, but how do you decide the best way for you? This guide will break down each job role in turn, helping you to decide how you want to spend your winter season.

Before we get started on the various roles, our first piece of advice would be to read the vacancy description. It sounds obvious, but you would be amazed how many people just apply for everything on offer, regardless of how unsuitable they may be for the role. The company asking for CVs don’t have endless hours to sort through thousands of pointless applications but that doesn’t mean to say you will slip through the vetting process. If they want someone above the age of twenty four because they are unable to insure anyone younger to do the job effectively, then they aren’t going to accept you if you are twenty one. Likewise if they want you to have proven experience as a head chef, a fondness for cooking won’t be enough. And our absolute favourite, don’t apply for a couple job if there is just you! We understand that you are willing to do anything to get to resort, but please be realistic and pick the following job types which are most relevant to you.

Chalet operations

Chalet Maid, Chalet Assistant, Chalet Host
This is definitely the most popular way to get out to resort and perhaps the easiest too. With so many thousands of chalets, the demand for staff is high. The exact nature of the role will vary chalet by chalet, so as a host you could running the place almost single handed, or as an assistant you could be part of a larger team and have a much more narrow job description; perhaps cleaning or running errands. If you see a chalet couple vacancy, one half of you will be expected to cook while the other hosts.

Snow Potential: The more senior your role, the less time you will have to play.
£ € $ Potential: Low to average.

Chalet Maintenance

Driver, Handyman
Larger chalets or groups of chalets especially, also require drivers or handymen (quite often a combined role) who can ferry guests to and from resort, and who can turn their hand to a broken toilet or frozen pipe.

Snow Potential: Don’t count on getting much free time with this role as there is always something needs fixing in a harsh mountain environment.
£ € $ Potential: Low.


Head Chef, Sous Chef
Chefs willing to work for up to six months in the mountains, actually let me change that to talented chefs, are one of the most difficult roles to fill. We occasionally receive an application from someone with Michelin Star level experience and they are snapped up within minutes. If you can cook and have good credentials, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to secure employment.

Snow Potential: Sorry, you’ll already know that free time is a thing you used to have before you became a chef.
£ € $ Potential: Medium to High.


Hotel catering, Bar tending, Waiting tables, Restaurant work
General hospitality vacancies are less often advertised outside of resort, though they are still plentiful. Bars and restaurants still have a high turnover of staff, so if you are persistent you should be able to convince someone to allow you to wash dishes or clear tables to earn your stay.

Snow Potential: You may have to work later than most, but you will probably get a good part of the day to spend as you wish.
£ € $ Potential: Low.

Snowsport Instructing

Ski, Snowboard, Heli ski, Off piste guide
Not something you can just walk in to. Some companies need large numbers of instructors each season and so have to advertise, but plenty of smaller companies either take their pick from the local ski school instructors, or else they run training courses themselves and so invite the best candidates to work for them. Because there are more ski instructors than there are ski instructor vacancies, people tend to work for the same company for several years running. The best way to get a teaching role is to get noticed (for the right reasons!) during your training courses.

Snow Potential: Your hours will be pretty reasonable and you will get to spend more time on the snow than anyone else.
£ € $ Potential: Medium to High.

Child Care

Nanny, Au pair
Most people start out visiting the mountains when they are young and have no ties or commitments. But before long they have children and worry that their snow fuelled fun is at and end. Fortunately they can still head to their favourite resort and ditch the kids with a nanny! Experience is almost essential and child care qualifications are quite often sought, especially for younger children.

Snow Potential: Looking after youngsters is a fantastic job and the fact you get to play outside is a major bonus. The hours aren’t too bad as most parents will want to spend at least some time with their children.
£ € $ Potential: Low.

Tour Operator

Rep, Resort Manager
Reps or representatives, and resort managers spend the winter acting as the public face of the numerous ski companies who send thousands of holiday makers to the slopes. The ability to smile, think on your feet, and not be thrown by an upset customer demanding action is a must. You won’t be popular with everyone, but you will have quite a bit of power and because you are generally expected to hang out with the guest a bit, you may get invited to eat or drink.

Snow Potential: You should be able to swing plenty of time on skis, but you will be on call pretty much every hour of the day and night.
£ € $ Potential: Medium to High.

Ski Shops

Technicians, Boot hire
Another type of vacancy that will usually be advertised in resort. Retail experience would be required if you are going to succeed here and there are courses available if you want to become a technician. Fitting boots and skis or snowboards and keeping the gear in good working order is a vital part of keeping any resort ticking

Snow Potential: You will be kept pretty busy during the day but the hours won’t be too traumatic.
£ € $ Potential: Low.

Resort Operations

Ski lift, Snow grooming, Vehicle maintenance
We will add these for completeness as they are certainly valid and important jobs, but again, they are more likely to be taken by people who live locally. There is nothing stopping you getting involved if carving out the ski runs with an enormous digger floats your boat, but you are going to need to get well connected in resort to stand any chance of being allowed to play with the snow cannon.

Experienced Chalet Hosts

Experienced Chalet Hosts
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Winter Chalet Hosts Chamonix

Winter Chalet Hosts Chamonix
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Chalet Couple (professional chef & host)

Chalet Couple (professional chef & host)
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