Red Rock Outdoor Ltd operates in Devon and has an estuary centre and a beach front centre at Orcombe point. We teach windsurfing, paddle boarding, Kayaking and have fun with our mega sups. When the waves come in we have body boards and surf boards for the children to enjoy. On land we teach woodcraft, archery tag, team challenges and offer circus skills or high ropes . We offer residential summer activity camps and beach activity days. For local school we offer weekly courses and contribute to the school syllabus where appropriate. We accept booking up to 240 children on camp and our smallest camps are around 30 students, we tend to have yr6 to yr8 camps though we are flexible. Our Residential camps are action packed and we offer great experiences for the children and teachers. We are situated near the sandy beach of Exmouth and the children also enjoy beach days. We have an ofsted number to ensure that our child protection is of the highest standard and all risk assessments are on the website as easy to down load PDF's.

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What makes your company different from the competition?

Our signature is being on the beautiful beach on a coastal location that is designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Exmouth camp is in lovely grounds not far from the beach. Exmouth beach is a mile of golden sand and Orcombe point where we teach is very safe and the children really enjoy the beach.

The estuary centre has very flat and shallow water, this is a great destination to learn new skills, we choose what is best for each school after chatting with the teachers.

The land activities all happen on site and we have lots of team games available on site for any down time while the children are relaxing at camp.

The children will experience new activities in a safe fun environment with our fully qualified instructors.

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How many people do you employ or train each year?

We have full time and part time positions. The full team in the summer is 40 people including instructors, senior instructors, watersports managers, cooks, Camp manager, maintenance team and the cleaning team.

During the winter the team decreases to 6 full time as we prepare for the next season. There is always lots to do during the winter months and we still get visitors in our cottage and lodge which together sleep 28 people.

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Why are you a good company to work for or train with?

We are a training centre. We have an inhouse advanced windsurfing RYA trainer and are working towards becoming a paddle board kayak training centre with the BCU. We offer sport development and instructor advancement. Our director is very keen to help people gain qualifications, experiences and help them develop their skills. We often go on the water together after work or on a day off which is great fun.

We are a very busy centre and we also offer lessons to the general public from beginner to advanced in all our watersports and our own junior club is very popular.

When you join you would have an induction and personal training log so that we can ensure you are well trained and enjoy your time with us. We accept short season team members as well as full season. Qualified staff we settle in very quickly.