Since 2005 Letz Live have been creating Gap Year programmes for young people all over the world. We have the best relationship with schools in Australia and New Zealand, meaning we can offer our participants a fantastic choice of placements to work in for their Gap Year. This might be in the heart of Sydney, rural Queensland, the South Island of New Zealand; and all that's in between. We take the time to interview our participants to ensure we fight the right fit for every person. As well as this, we check-in with them regularly to ensure they're having a good time.

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What makes your company different from similar gap year providers?

Are you eager to experience the wonders of life on the opposite side of the globe? Embark on a Gap Year adventure, where you can make unforgettable memories. Immerse yourself in the pulse of a new city through a working holiday—whichever path you choose, step out and embrace the real world!

You could be taking a selfie with a kangaroo in Australia, skiing in Queenstown in New Zealand or visiting the waterfalls in Thailand. Whichever programme you choose, we're confident you'll learn, grow and travel whilst also getting paid.

Our Gap Year programmes are paid where you will work and live in a school or educational setting, using the holidays to travel as much as you possibly can. Meals and accommodation are included, so you can spend more of your earnings on your next trips.

We're with you every step of the way. Our teams will welcome you when you arrive and you will partake in a 3-day orientation programme to meet your fellow participants. Following this, you'll head to your placement to begin a year you'll never forget.

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How many people do you take on your gap years each year?

Australia January intake- 100-150 participants

New Zealand January intake - up to 50 participants

Australia July intake - up to 100 participants

New Zealand July intake - up to 50 participants

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Why are you a good company to travel or work with?

People choose Letz Live for their paid Gap Year programme because we ensure they're getting the best possible placement.

We regularly visit our schools to make sure there is a high standard of accommodation and that the working requirements fit the programme.

Working in a school environment also gives our participants the opportunity to travel during the school holidays, so they get the best of both worlds. They could be working and living like a local in Perth, and visting Bali, Thailand or Fiji during the term breaks!