The Spitting Feathers Pub was created in 2007 by transforming a ski hire shop into one of La Plagne “must go to bars”. Our aim was to give Customers, of all nationalities – we are not an “English Only” bar - a venue for some serious après ski or a place to have a quiet drink and or a meal with the family after a hard days skiing. Over the years we have adapted and expanded our food menu to give our Customers a delicious selection of snacks and meals (not typical Savoyard cuisine) to the point where we serve almost as much food as drinks on busy nights. We have also become the go-to a resort destination for pub quizzes and karaoke nights and are THE sports place to catch all your favourite teams. We also run an “Airport Transfer Service” and now operate vehicles regularly transferring passengers throughout the season both around the resort and to airports and stations.

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What makes your company different from the competition?

Working for Spitting Feathers you will provide the best in Customer service to not only the holidaymakers of Bellecote but also the locals,

Not only do we try to guarantee that if you're working in our bar/restaurant or as our driver, this season, it will be the most exciting way to spend your winter but you will also expand your French-speaking skills in the process.

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How many people do you employ or train each year?

Normally we employ five full time staff members but this winter have downsized to three due to COVID 19.

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Why are you a good company to work for or train with?

Variety is the spice of life – isn’t it? We think so, so one night you might be in the bar serving food and drink or preparing meals and the following day you could be chatting to Customers on your way to or from the airport. If you work for us you will have the opportunity improve your French no end as over 50% of our customers are French and you will also make some great local friends, so please don’t apply if you only want to talk to Brits all winter. We also employ our staff on a French contract and as the bar opens at 16:00hrs during the week, you’ll get plenty of time to ski – not forgetting you will have two days off each week. Although we expect our staff to work hard, we also expect them to play hard so if you are not coming with the express purpose to hit the slopes every day this winter, please don’t bother applying for this job!