Ski Magic is an independent ski chalet company, operating in La Tania and Courchevel since 1996. We have lots of returning guests that stay in our chalets every winter, not only because of the amazing skiing in the Three Valleys, but also because of our friendly, hard-working hosts, drivers, ski techs and nannies. Our ethos is to offer well-priced holidays that mean our guests can take advantage of a really relaxing week and enjoy the skiing on offer. La Tania and Le Praz are really great places to enjoy a ski holiday and as we’ve worked in the Courchevel Valley for years, can help you take advantage of everything there is on offer.

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What makes your company different from the competition?

We know it’s important to make sure our team is well supported to have a really great season. As a small team (just over 20), we’re on hand to ensure that happens!

We’re lucky to have several returning team members each year, and that’s something our guests recognise too.

You'll get plenty of ski time as we make sure that your working hours are kept to a minimum, with support and ongoing training.

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How many people do you employ or train each year?

Our team is just over 20 people, from all backgrounds and ages. The whole team has the same day off which is good for team days out or activities.

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Why are you a good company to work for or train with?

Here's what one of our returning members of staff thinks:

"The team is a great size – not too big, not too small – and we have several returners each year who help out the newbies, so there’s a nice atmosphere. Because the company is run by the owners, John and Clare, we get to know lots about the business and they also really look after us, we’re not just a number. They understand what it’s like to be a seasonnaire and they really reward our hard work with staff lunches, trips etc.

Courchevel and La Tania are really friendly and we get to know seasonnaires from other companies, plus there are loads of events and activities going on, and some really nice bars with live music most nights. John and Clare really work hard to keep our hours down, they understand that we want to get out on the mountain! The accommodation is also really decent and it’s things like that, that make me want to come back year after year!”