Raleigh International is a sustainable development charity. We inspire, challenge and empower young people to work with communities living in poverty. Raleigh’s work is delivered through young people. At the heart of our organisation are volunteers; we couldn’t achieve what we do without them. We are also a firm believer in creating partnerships with others, which is why we work closely with local organisations and community members in all the countries we operate.

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What makes your company different from the competition?

Raleigh Expedition isn’t like other volunteer programmes. We run life-changing Expeditions to some of the most remote places on the planet. Volunteers live in a homestay with a local family, work on sustainable projects in remote communities or national parks with an international team, and trek through unique and stunning landscapes.

Volunteers are challenged to achieve things they didn’t know they were capable of and return home with the power to create lasting change.

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How many people do you employ or train each year?

Most of our Expedition teams are made up of between 12-14 volunteers. You will also be supported by at least two Volunteer Managers.

Expeditions include different people, projects, locations and challenges. There will be people like you and people from different backgrounds and cultures, including local volunteers from host countries. Together you’ll be a team with a common aim; to bring energy and inspiration to create the world that you want.