The name “Kobe” means tortoise in Swahili and also happens to be one of our favourite animals. Kobe Kenya arranges the travel itinerary for guests and volunteers looking to travel to East Africa. We strive to arrange the most memorable Gap Year travel, while also making sure it’s safe and affordable. We facilitate gap year travel and supervision of students and volunteers placed in organisations and schools in Nakuru County, Kenya. We ensure the safety and travel arrangements of all volunteers are covered during their entire stay, and may also supervise volunteers if asked to do so by their school or guardians. Volunteers are supervised either by a representative of Kobe Kenya or staff member at the placement during their stay.

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What makes your company different from the competition?

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Kenyan culture and share a part of yours. Understand the working environment in a different country, and learn about teamwork and independence, initiative, and timekeeping. The organisations make an impact in our community in various ways and have been working in their fields for years.

There will always be someone supervising you when you are volunteering. The placements will almost always be in the Nakuru County region, about a 2.5-hour drive from Nairobi (Kenya's Capital). Nakuru is known as a tourist destination and arts hub that boasts gorgeous sites and scenery. It is also a more affordable town to live in and easier to move around in as it is smaller than Nairobi. You can choose to apply as an individual or from your school/university. Applications are usually arranged such that there will be other volunteers on their placement at the same time as you.

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How many people do you employ or train each year?

We currently can take on 5 students at a time.

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Why are you a good company to work for or train with?

A Gap Year program facilitated by Kobe Kenya offers students the chance to learn more about Kenyan culture and way of life. They are also able to engage with peers and professionals, which offfers them a chance to build on their experience and networks. Finally, they will be able to get involved in impactful community projects and events. Programs can be customized based on students area of study or particular focus for the trip.

Majority of your time will be spent in Nakuru County, two and a half hours drive from Kenya's capital, Nairobi. Nakuru is famously known for it's pink flamingos and many lakes and is a popular tourism destination. It is also a creative hub that attracts many artists and arts lovers from across Kenya.