Jasna Adventures is a ski chalet family business run by Justin and Adriana Garrett, offering winter and summer holidays to the Jasna region of Slovakia. We provide a full end to end guest experience from airport to chalet to mountain. We offer a quality experience, especially aimed at this people looking for a proper Alps style chalet holiday without the huge expenses. Justin and Adriana have skied all over the world including France, Switzerland, Japan, Canada and New Zealand. They've taken the best of snow holidays all over the world and combined it into Jasna Adventures. Justin is a qualified Level 1 Australian Professional Snow Instructor, and has been riding bikes around Jasna since 2012. Adriana is from Dolny Kubin, just 40mins from Demanova Dolina, and Justin is an Australian and has been coming to Slovakia with Adriana since 2010. They met on a ski trip to Japan whilst living in Hong Kong, and were married in 2011 in Dolny Kubin. They live locally, so are on the ground full time to ensure your holiday experience is everything you expect.

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What makes your company different from the competition?

We operate the only fully custom designed hosted ski chalet in Jasna, with its own bar, sauna, jacuzzi and more. We're the closest chalet of our kind to the lifts.

Our Vision

—Be the first choice adventure tour company for the Low Tatra region delivering a unique winter or summer end to end adventure experience for families and groups, which cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world.


Our Mission—

To make you want to come back by delivering a holiday experience that combines professional standards, a personal touch, with our local knowledge, and global experience, across every facet (transport, accommodation, activities, food, local experiences) of your holiday regardless of the season.

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How many people do you employ or train each year?

Winter - 4 seasonal staff members plus casual bar and housekeeping staff

Summer - 2 seasonal staff members plus casual bar and housekeeping staff

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Why are you a good company to work for or train with?

We're an independent chalet company fully owned and operated by Justin and Adriana. We're not beholden to corporate policies or other restrictions some big operators can face. We understand staff are looking for an winter experience, not just to be working, so ensure you have quality time to hit the mountain. Of course it can be hard work and long days, but over the course of a full season you'll get plenty of snow time. In fact getting on snow with guests is part of the job!